The most common symptom of distributor failure is a clear decrease in labour productivity. Not just the entire machine but one of its components. For example, hydraulic cylinder power.

In fist step, repairing a damaged divider consists of separating all sections of the device and finding a defective element. Then we have to replacement or regeneration it. It almost never happens that the entire divider is damaged. Most often it's one or two of its sections responsible for a given action set.

Pressure distributors in excavators degrade less often than all elements of the hydraulic power system. The most common failures are travel motors, hydraulic pumps and rotation columns.

If you feel a power decrease in blade hydraulic cylinder, take into account the fact that it doesn't have to be the fault of the distributor. In 90% of excavators hydraulic oil from the distributor to the blade actuator flows additionally through the rotation column, which may have internal leaks. And in turn it leads to the overflow of hydraulic oil and the blade automatic opening.


The most frequently repaired hydraulic pumps are pumps from BOBCAT mini loaders. This is due to the fact that the devices very often, in addition to their original function, must perform additional attachment of multi-tool equipment.

As every user knows, this machine can be fitted with over 20 different types of attachments. That require more or less hydraulic oil flow.

For example, a line for linear excavations requires a minimum of 80L of oil flow. This forces manufacturers to mount high flow pumps or other high performance pumps.

These types of pumps are under constant, high load, which translates into a shortened service life of the device.

Hydraulic pump damage will result in a significant decrease in the machine's operating efficiency. It's after the hydraulic oil warms up to the working temperature.


It should be remembered that the swing motor is a component that is 100% „fixable”. It is rare when the failures areassociated with the purchase of a new one. The most common failures are the powertrain breakdowns or those with gear which driving the swing ring. In either case, the failure can be removed. Under no circumstances repair of this type of damage won't exceed half of the new hydromotor value. Therefore I think that it makes no sense.

Swing motor is nothing more than a nicely "dressed" hydraulic engine (such as in the case of driving propulsion systems). And it is connected to an ordinary satellite gearbox. The is the only one significant differences in the construction inswing motor. It is a large sprocket which is designed to drive the swing ring. And of courseswing motor must be narrower than the travel motor due to limited access. For example, the new original swing motor for the CASE 210CX costs around 5 thousand EUR. Replacement of damaged, first-order satellites with the regeneration of their basket and replacement of seals and bearings will amount 1,5-2 thousand EUR. Which gives us a fully regenerated component for 40% price of the new. If you follow the advice related to the operation of such devices, there is no possibility again damaged.

In order to avoid failure of the swing motor and its gears, you should recommend to the actions indicated in the machine's inbstruction. First of all, you should know how and in what situations use correctly the swing brake. It will eliminate the overloads and oblique voltages appear in swing gear. The second very important matter is the regular lubrication of the rotation drive system and checking if it has any leaks. Missing any of the activities is associated with wearing off the bearings and finally damage to the satellite system. Following these tips will help the owners of such machines to save a quite big amount of capital. In the next article I will describe the problems occurring during the operation of smaller excavators.


The swing gerabox is nothing else but a planetary gear mounted to the swing motor. A coherent response of the swing motor and swing gearbox (rotational reducer) is the rotation of the machine's cabin.


The main symptoms of damage to the swing gerabox are the blockage of the cab turning system, disturbing sounds or excessive looseness of the swing ring. Slack on the rim can indicate the wear of the powertrain. It should be remembered that excess slack is a failure harbinger. In this situation, it is worth reacting beforehand and not waiting until the component will be blocked.

In the case of strange sounds coming from the swing ring, we can be faced with the damage of the piston pump located inside the reducer's rotation engine. Remember that all these damages can be safely removed using the services of specialized companies or appropriate parts purchase.


A travel final drive, contrary to popular belief, is not a very complicated device. Its some components have been permanently used in transport or agriculture for many years. Authorized dealer will try hardly convince each of us that the travel final drive is an indelible element of, for example, a mini excavator or that there are no spare parts for it. To sell us a new original for 5-20 thousand.

The entire hydromotor almost never breaks. Most often, the satellite transmission system or any part of it breaks down. A hydromotor like any other element of mechanics is "fixable". Regeneration will be much less expensive than purchasing a new original hydromotor that is not actually needed.

Why pay for the whole new device since 70% of our device is functional and few small parts have failed. They can be successfully mounted and restore the entire drive motor to operation.