Our company offers comprehensive regeneration of all final drive power train systems used in any tracked construction machines. Starting from the regeneration of broken travel, swing final drives through the regeneration of damaged hubs, housings, planetary sets, changing used shun gears., motor shafts , bearings for new original ones.

During the complete regeneration of travel , swing final drive, we replace all damaged elements for new. Including : angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical, needle bearings used in planetary gears and all o-rings . If bronze bushes are used. We instale new bushes to minimize looseness during the transmission.

We fill up device with new gear oil, then put it on testing machine for 4 hours to see if it doesnt havs any leaks and than if everything is ok we pack up device and ship it to our customers. We provide a six-month guarantee for items that have been repaired.

For now there are a thousands of smaller and bigger companies which have trusted us.